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Igor Bragato's personal website

Remember, “life creates miracles in a natural way”. Life generates intrinsic richness in everything and produces miracles of all intensities. It’s such a shame that we loose so many chances to evolve and enjoy; today, with some efforts, we can really catch these opportunities and live the regenerative, miraculous rhythm of Life."

from my book 'Light - Journey Notes for Your Soul' ( Quantic Publishing, 2010 )


Here's a little about me.

Igor Bragato was born in Canelli (Piedmont, Italy) on 26 December 1974 and currently live in London. Writer, speaker, editor, producer, ethical entrepreneur, researcher, he is interest in holistic, metaphysical, spiritual evolution techniques and "alternative healing". His vocational training goes from the information technology area to the artistic one. Because of ethical, metaphysical and healthy reasons he has become Raw Vegan.
Successful businessman, Igor Bragato is the Quantic Group’s founder and CEO. At the moment he is working on several projects, with an international vocation, ranging from IT multimedia publishing, evolution of human being, and new solutions for well-being.

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London, UK

Planets align over Australia Telescope Compact Array (ATCA) | Narrabri, Australia
Credit & Copyright: Graeme L. White & Glen Cozens (James Cook University)
The Wave | Arizona, USA
London Bridge | London, UK
LHC Large Hadron Collider | CERN Geneva, Switzerland
Monferrato hills | Piedmont, Italy